The Nemrut Dagi National Park is located in South-Eastern-Turkey Its name is related to a bare, windy, isolated mountaintop with a gravel-covered 50m-high burial cone in the presence of staring statues. The peak of Nemrut Dagi is rising 2106 meters in the Anti-Taurus Range between Malatya to the north and Kahta to the south.

About 30 km west of the summit of Nemrut Dagi are more highlights to see in this National Park. The ancient Commagene Capital of Arsameia can be reached by a path uphill to several intriguing monuments like Mithras, also called Apollo, and the jumbled-stone ruins of Mithridates. The hilltop at the end of the path offers superb panoramas.

Very close to Arsameia is the old castle Yeni Kale and the beautiful Seljuk Bridge. A few more kilometers is the Cendere Bridge, a modern bridge over the Cendere River, and also a magnificent humpback Roman bridge built in the 2nd century AD.


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