Backpacking and serious photography do not get along with each other very well. Photography requires essential camera equipment, which has to be carried and transported along your travels. Places in backpackers is restricted and the backpack is already heavy to carry without photo-gear.

Traveling with a backpack on public transportation can lead to city travel, as travellers are restricted to stopovers, which are mainly in cities. However, backpacking in Asian, South and Central American countries can be great fun.

Travelling from Panama to Colombia by boat

Tropical countries enable backpacking adventures with hardly any travel gear. Living is cheap in these countries and there is no need for any kind of warm clothing. It is even possible to travel with an empty backpack to South East Asia and buy everything at your destination.
Transportation is mainly done by public transport, where contact to residents is very easy. However, travelling on a bicycle or on your own transportation is the best possible way to get in touch with locals, who will, in most developing countries, invite you to their house and show an avid traveller, how life is far away from your home country.
Hence, it is advisible to change beteween your own transportation and public transport when backpacking in less developed countries.