Tasmania is a very beautiful state of Australia, aproximately as big as Switzerland. I spent the last 3 months of my long trip there. Being a bit tired of cycling after more than 1,5 years, I received my backpack and hiking gear, which was shipped to Melbourne. I would call Tasmania as one of the most beautiful places I ever visited.

After cycling more than 40000 km I was looking forward for other activities like hiking. Tasmania has many beautiful bushwalks and I could restrict the days cycling. However, Tasmania has very nice roads to ride a bicycle as well.

The overland track is Tasmanias most popular bushwalk, connecting Craddle Mountain and Lake St. Clair.

The South-West-National Park is located in the south of Tasmania. The Port Davey Track is accessing the tiny settlement of Maleleuca from the north and the South-West-Walk is connecting Maleleuca and the civilisation towards the south. There is only access to Maleleuca by plane. If you walk both walks, including some side trips, you have to walk almost 180 km. I did not take advantage of the possibility to organize food to be flown in by plane. Not taking a tent on this bushwald was a even worse. To neglect the use of a tent in order to carry in more camera equipment was a decision, I would call the most stupid idea of my whole 2-years trip. I had a bivy bag which was leaking.

More impressions of my three months of travel in Tasmania