In spring 1998 I launched my first longer travel period in the Canadian city of Vancouver. I traveled by bicycle into the Rocky Mountains, up north to Inuvik to the Arctic Sea, before heading west to Alaska and back south to British Columbia. When finished I had covered more than 10 000 km through several climate zones and stunning landscapes.

Traveling with a bicyle on a plane. Leaving Munich in Mai 1998.

A bicycle and traveling gear on Munich airport

After leaving Vancouver I followed the Fraser river into the Canadien Rocky Mountains.

It was a long, but beautiful ride up north to Inuvik at the end of the Dempster Highway at the Arctic Sea beyond the Arctic Circle.

Riding back the Dempster highway to Whitehorse I crossed the Yukon river and traveled into Alaska. I met many lovely people along the way.

It was quite a long way back south from Alaska to British Colombia. I had to go through the Yukon Territory again before heading south the Cassiar highway, a long gravel road.

The last 3 weeks I spent on Vancouver Island, where I arrived by ferry from Prince Rupert. Vancouver Island is supposed to be one highlight of Western Canada and a good place for whale watching.