British Columbia is a Canadian province on the Pacific Ocean which offers wilderness, temperate rainforests, mountains, stunning landscape, lakes, rivers and coastal scenery to mention only a few. Many different outdoor activities are common in this part of Canada.

British Columbia is a fishing paradise, with visiting fishermen from all over the world. It is extremely popular for flyfishing for pacific salmon and steelhead, a migratory species of rainbow trout, which grow pretty big in the pacific ocean before migrating back into the freshwater rivers for spawning

Canoeing has been a long tradition in North America, especially in Canada. The Western Canadian wilderness with its stunning rivers and lakes makes British Columbia a paradise for all kind of water sports. The following photos were captured mostly in the northern part of British Columbia.

The Canadian winters are very cold and long, causing an excellent winter sport season. Skiing and backcountry skiing are very popular all over North America. And whale watching is also popular during the mild winters along the Pacific Coast.

However, there are beautiful cities like Vancouver or Victoria on Vancouver Island.