Traveling along the Mediterranean Coast, Montenegro is the next country south of Croatia. The coastal scenery is very similar to Croatia. Driving along the sea will bring every traveller to the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

The Bay of Kotor is surrounded by steep and rough mountains, which offer outstanding outdoor activities like mountain biking and hiking. Overnight parking is kind of permitted all around the Bay and in urban districts as well as long as the time of the camping period is not extensive.

The city of Kotor is located at the southern end of the bay and is the gate for further travels south or east. Traveling east requires a steep climb up into the mountains to reach the Mausoleum of Njegoš. The Mausoleum is located inside the National Park Lovćen. The beautiful drive through this National Park will bring you to the Crnojević River, which is very close to Lake Skadar.

Lake Skadar is a huge freshwater body in Montenegro, extending into Albania as well. From this lake it is a short drive towards the southern Mediterranean coast of Montenegro.


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