Coming to Albania after travelling there from Central Europe is feeling a little bit like arriving in Asia or in a Central or South American country. Considering the high number of mosques, Albania feels most like Indonesia. The country is noticable cheaper than other Balkan countries.

Albania is pretty popular among camping and vanlife enthusiasts. Free camping spots can be found all over the country at the most beautiful places.

Albanians are very friendly people but do not take environmental sustainable behaviour very serious. Electrical fishing practice is responsible for empty rivers. Despite numerous garbage bins, rubbish is spread all over the country and takes some days to get used for Central European travellers.

Albania can be recommended as a beautiful and cheap country to travel with very friendly people. Despite its reputation it is a very safe destination. Conditions on the road are acceptable as well.
Furthermore, Albania would be a very nice place to get married as a lot of money can be saved due to a much cheaper location among other costs. Locations for wedding photos are beautiful.


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