Due to the Covid-19 restrictions I was only allowed to transit through Austria and Sovenia. The border crossing into Croatia was very easy, and I could stay and travel in Istria as long as I wanted to. However, I had to drive from Southern Germany all the way to Croatia in one day.
Despite the pandemic there were a few people travelling, most of them in a campervan or in a kind of camping car. It was already spring, but the weather and the temperature were cooler than usual.
It is not very busy during springtime in Croatia anyway and there are plenty of nice camping spots like this one.

Campervans right next to the beach in Croatia

Most of Istrias campsites were still closed, but it was not difficult, to find beautiful places to park overnight. Staying for several days at one spot was not a problem as well.

Impressions of camping around Istria

Vanlife in Istria, Croatia - A camper is enjoying a campfire next to the beach

The coastline of Istria is beautiful, inclucing Liznjan, a perfect spot for kite and windsurfing.
Picturesque towns and settlements can be found all along the coast.


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