In Istanbul you can visit Ottoman mosques and Byzantine churches, visit one of the many bazaars in the old town or commute by ferry between Europe and Asia.
After spending a couple of days in this city, every avid traveller knows that there is no other place like this.

A huge mosque and the Golden Horn in Istanbul
The Golden Horn Inlet and Sultanahmed
On summerdays the public life ist starting around dusk
Turkish peple fishing from Atatürk-Bridge in Istanbul during sunset
On the Atatürk-Bridge in Istanbul
Fishermen are present here for 24 hours a day
Beyazıt-Mosque is in Istanbul
The Beyazıt-Mosque in Istanbul
Numerous mosques can be visited in Istanbul

The history of Istanbul is going back to more than 600 years BC, when a little colony named Byzas was founded. Nowadays around 20 millions of people are living in this prospering city.

Travelling by car into a city requires a safe and monitored car park. A soccer club in Sultanahmed is offering motor home plots including electricity. Showers and the washing machine of the sports club are included as well. Somebody is there for 24 hours a day and the historic old town is in between walking distance. The perfect place for leaving the car in a city with around 20 million inhabitants.

Istanbul is a pretty safe city, public transport is very cheap, the metro-net is perfect and the ferries can be used for kind of for free.
Bargaining on the markets and bazars is common and prices are a little higher compared to other parts of Turkey.

A few more impressions of Istanbul:

The spice bazaar is one of the oldest bazaars in Istanbul. All different kind of spices, tea, sweets and other herbs can be bought from many different vendors.


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